Liz Kunz, CAD-C II

Liz Kunz, CAD-C II

Liz is a Certified Addiction Counselor and specializes in the development of individualized recovery plans and helping clients identify the ways problematic addiction can impact multiple domains of wellness. Liz helps clients create a plan of action to transmute maladaptive behaviors into positive qualities that foster growth.

Liz has been working in dual diagnostic treatment since 2016 and is actively involved in her own recovery.  Liz recognizes the importance of treating mental health concurrently with behavioral or substance use disorders.  With a knack for resourcefulness due to her work in outpatient & inpatient settings, Liz has fostered connections with multiple recovery groups, mental health professionals and treatment centers, allowing her to provide timely and effective referrals when necessary.

Liz grew up in an environment where addiction was the center of the family dynamic and understands first hand what it is like to struggle with problematic addiction- both personally and within one’s immediate environment. Liz’s own experience with addiction has led her to pursue a profession that provides the opportunity to confront and treat addictive behaviors in others, using both evidenced based modalities, as well as alternative approaches that helped her realize her own recovery.

Liz’s approach is person centered, straight forward, supportive and authentic. Liz utilizes solution focused approaches, cognitive behavioral, creativity, role play, motivational interviewing, reframing and accountability to help her clients deeper understand their addictive behaviors and equip them with the tools to thrive and live differently.

Liz understands the impact, pain and struggle that addiction has on individuals and their loved ones and feels like it is her life’s purpose to help others navigate through the process of recovery.