Our mission is to you help you or your loved one achieve balanced, purposeful living, free from addiction by utilizing a self-empowering approach and evidenced based cognitive, emotional, and behavioral strategies. 

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One-on-One Counseling

Personalized addiction counseling is designed to identify the challenges and goals specific to the individual, and to develop a comprehensive plan in order to achieve balanced and happy living…
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Group Workshops

We provide group workshops for both friends and family and individuals struggling with addiction. If you are unsure where to start in your…
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Support for Family

Research has shown that significant others (anyone who has regular contact with the individual struggling with addiction) can play a positive and supportive role in getting a loved…
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3rd Party Assessments

We provide alcohol and drug assessments, evaluations, and counseling services that can fulfill the requirements issued by a court, parole officer, employer, and…
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Outpatient Support

Intensive Outpatient Support (IOS) services are designed to help individuals in the environments that are most triggering or challenging to their recovery and long-term goals…
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Online Group Sessions

Realize Recovery offers affordable and flexible online group sessions available in conjunction with 1-on-1 addiction counseling or as a stand-alone service…  
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Free Phone Consultation

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On The Road To Recovery Blog

  • Reducing Harms Associated with Substance Abuse
    For many who have been using alcohol or drugs problematically, the advice given from loved ones and many mental health professionals is they must remain abstinent from all mind-altering substances and any deviation from complete abstinence is a cause for…
  • Supporting a Loved One with Addiction
    Having a loved one who is struggling with addiction can feel overwhelming, create disharmony in the relationship and feel downright hopeless at times.  The most well-known model used to help someone get into some form of treatment has been the Johnson…
  • Habits: Friend or Foe?
    Changing habits is not easy.  It can seem like as soon as we decide to change a behavior, the whole world conspires to challenge and thwart our courageous intentions.  Habits compel us to act against our better judgment and reason, despite our…

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