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We specialize in a cognitive behavioral methodology which is an active, structured treatment that has been proven to be highly effective treating addiction. The strength of this approach is the practicality in implementing new thoughts and behaviors which one can immediately begin to apply in daily life. Our team utilizes a learned model of addiction and corresponding evidence-based techniques which often produce positive changes in a limited amount of time.

Bryan Vasquez, CAT-C III

Bryan Vasquez is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor and has been integrated in the addiction field for over a decade.  Bryan has worked extensively in psychiatric hospitals, residential and 
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Perry Passaro, Ph.D

Perry Passaro, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist and a diplomate in cognitive therapy. He works with children, families, adolescents and adults at the Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center, in Newport 
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Ken N. Sokolski, M.D.

Ken Sokolski, M.D. is a Diplomate with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Ken is considered among the most knowledgeable and experienced clinical psychiatrists in the Southern California area
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Dr. Tom Horvath, Ph.D

Tom Horvath, Ph.D

Tom Horvath, Ph.D., is a licensed and board certified (ABPP) clinical psychologist. From 2000-2010 Tom was adjunct faculty at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, University of San Diego, 
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Kim Passaro, B.S., R.N.

Kim Passaro, B.S., R.N. is a retired Behavioral Health Nurse for the County of Orange, California. Kim has worked extensively with dual diagnosis clients, including individuals with serious mental illness
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Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC

Samantha Gilbert, FNC, CHNP, CNC is a practitioner of Nutrition Therapy, a Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, and a member of Learn more

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