Addiction is a disease that affects the individual physically, emotionally and spiritually, and families and loved ones often are severely impacted by addictive disorders. Because of our extensive range of addiction treatment services, we are able to treat individuals in the least restrictive level of care that is safe for them.

One-on-one: Individual Addiction Counseling

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Personalized addiction counseling is designed to identify the challenges and goals specific to the individual, and to develop a comprehensive plan in order to achieve balanced and happy living.
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Support for family and concerned significant others

Research has shown that significant others (anyone who has regular contact with the individual struggling with addiction) can play a positive and supportive role in getting a loved one into some form of treatment.
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Intensive Outpatient Support

Intensive Outpatient Support (IOS) services are designed to help individuals in the environments that are most triggering or challenging to their recovery and long-term goals.
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Group Workshops

We provide group workshops for both friends and family and individuals struggling with addiction. If you are unsure where to start in your recovery or how you can best support yourself and your loved one struggling,
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3rd Party Assessments and Evaluations—Court Ordered Drug Counseling

We provide alcohol and drug assessments, evaluations, and counseling services that can fulfill the requirements issued by a court, parole officer, employer, and other government agencies in California
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Online Group Session

Realize Recovery offers affordable and flexible online group sessions available in conjunction with 1-on-1 addiction counseling or as a stand-alone service.  
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