Moderation Support

Moderation Support

Many clients who reach out to us are seeking moderation support with their substance or behavioral challenges. We work with a lot of people who may find it difficult to moderate their alcohol use, but do not want to be abstinent at this time. Others are struggling with problematic behaviors surrounding sex, eating, or technology addiction and require learning how to moderate these behaviors as abstinence may not be an option.

While we never promise any specific results (and one should be wary of anyone who does), we have seen too many examples of individuals adjusting their relationship with their substance or behavior not to believe that moderation can be possible for some. We are not here to encourage or discourage moderation or abstinence, instead we seek to assist and guide our clients in identifying which approach is best for them. Ambivalence is a common theme during this process and not knowing which approach is right for you is completely normal.

Success with alcohol moderation, or moderation with any other problematic behavior, often requires working through specific protocols of intentionality, identifying one’s values, objectively defining one’s short and long-term goals, legally and ethical dilemmas, and putting forth practical solutions through a process of experimentation. Due to the nature of moderation, careful assessment of the potential consequences of this approach are evaluated regularly. It is vital one understands the pros and cons of this approach as it may not be fore everyone. While there are no elaborate or secret formulas to moderation success, working with a professional who has experience guiding people through this process can enhance and increase the likelihood of successful moderation.

If you or a loved one are considering moderation, or you want to adjust your relationship with alcohol, cannabis, sex, etc. please give us a call today to schedule a FREE phone consultation.

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